Kick Ass iRobot Braava Jet Company in Georgetown

On cleaning in malaysia iRobot’s short range mop concentrates


IRobot’s newest robot mop will focus on quality over quantity. The Braava Jet 240 can simply cover 150 to 200 square feet, a big step down from the 300-to-1,000 sq. ft. range of its forerunner the Braava 380t.

The Braava Jet 240 goes on sale today on iRobot’s website for RM1550.00 the most economical robot cleaner the business’s released to date. April 1 starting, you’ll be able to buy it from a variety of retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond and Target. The cost converts to approximately for our readers in Australia and britain and That I’ll upgrade the piece with specific availability in those regions once that info becomes available.

flirobotbraavajet - Copy.jpg

How it works

Designed around availability, the Jet just has one button that turns it on and starts it. It’s three different styles dry crossing, damp wet and sweeping mopping but you won’t have to correct any settings yourself. Each mode has its exceptional Swiffer fashion cleaning pad. Slide the one you want into area, and your selection will be detected by the Jet.

In addition, you will not need to set up any detectors to help the Jet navigate. It works on the bumper to find items, a wheel count to tell how far it is traveled, and a gyroscope to record how much it turns. The Jet 240 will cover your floor one quadrant at a time row by row just like a Zamboni, slowly circling the items it comes across.

irobot-3318-003 - Copy.jpg

With little overlap, it will cover the space once for dusting that is dry. More water is used by wet mopping, and the damp cycle covers everything twice and goes all three times, hitting the lower end of the area range of the product’s as an effect of the excess passes. In actions, the wet mopping procedure seemed less like a Zamboni through the demonstration and much more like a man mopping, going back and forth over one place branching out from there.

Both the moist and wet modes apply the Jet’s water nozzle to spray the area in the front of it. You’ll fill the reservoir with water before each run, which will activate the cleaning agent in those pads that are specific as soon as they get wet. The pads absorb liquid, or so the flooring should not feel wet soon after it is done. And since the electronics of the Jet are sealed, you supposedly won’t have to worry about spilling and destroying your expensive new cleanser when the reservoir fill.

irobot-3604-034 (Copy) - Copy.jpg

After the Jet finishes, you can hold it over a trash can and hit an eject lever to dump the disposable pad without needing to touch it.


IRobot’s aiming for accessibility and thoroughness here. A business representative said, “We aspire to get to consumers who’ve not adopted robotic cleaning yet.” Given that we have not yet been impressed by any robot mops, possibly the “less is more” strategy is the strategy to use. Once we get our hands on the Braava Jet, we will put it through a number of cleaning evaluations to see where its cleaning limitations lie.


The reduced cost helps mitigate this somewhat, but iRobot’s taking a risk that is large here in lessening the range and run-time of the model. Essentially, Jet 240 is a one-room-at-a-time cleaner, and after each room, youare going to need to swap out the pad and charge the battery yourself, making the whole process much more hands on than the latest Roombas, among which can take good care of a whole floor of your residence with little to no oversight and may even find its docking station and charge itself when it essential.

irobot-3644-037 (Copy).jpg

Still, although the price is in the range of a decent splurge, if it can not mop as well as an individual with a real mop, it will have a hard time establishing itself a machine that is rewarding. IRobot prioritized quality over quantity, or so the quality facet pay off. During the demo, the Jet did a great job cleaning up grime and maybe even coffee spots, but couldn’t remove some tough rubber scruffs.

irobot-3677-042 (Copy).jpg

The progress to the cleaning process sound promising, plus they’re required, as we weren’t impressed by the Braava 380 in our review. The Jet should be helped by the improved navigation efficiently cover just one room. Carpet ‘ll be detected by it’ll and use that as a border. You may also create boundaries that are virtual yourself by holding the start button and setting it on one side of a line you don’t want crossed.


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